Buyer Guide

Before You Buy

  1. Update Your Profile
    Check that your profile information is accurate and updated. Most sellers will check your profile before replying to your enquiry.
  2. Know What You Want
    Increase your chance of buying the right products by knowing exactly what you want – the product specifications, target price, payment method, shipping mode, etc.
Search Products
There are many ways to search for products
  1. Browse Product Directory to locate the products you want.
  2. Search using our search engine if you know the exact product name/model.
  3. Post a buying lead. When you post a buying lead, it will be sent to relevant sellers. You will be notified when sellers submit quotations to you. This helps to save your sourcing time and effort.
Tips: You can also access Market Research to find out what are the market prices for the products you want.
Compare & Negotiate
Once you have obtained quotations from various sellers, you should compare quotations to determine who you like to negotiate the deal. When comparing the quotations, look for non-price factors such as delivery period, shipping method, product condition, etc.
When selecting sellers, go through their profiles to access their ratings. Contact buyers who have bought from them previously.
Do check out the buying tips in Safe Trading.
How To Buy
  1. Decide on Shipping and Payment Methods
    Select the correct shipping and payment method. Different shipping modes will affect your product prices. See list of commonly used shipping terms. In addition, different payment method carries different risk.
  2. Finalized Transaction
    Make sure that all transaction terms like payment method, price, delivery location are clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties.
  3. Place Order
    Prepare your purchase order to place an order.
After Your Purchase 
  1. Review and Rate Seller
    Write a review for your completed order with the seller. This helps other buyers to evaluate the seller.
  2. Add seller to your Trust Network and Contact List
    Add seller into your Trust Network and Contact List if you like to buy from the seller again. You can also ask your seller to add you into his Trust Network and Contact List. This helps to increase your popularity and gain Trust Points®. Adding the seller into your Contact List helps to build your own seller list for future purchases.
Next Step – Becoming a successful buyer
Successful buyers share these similar characteristics:
  • Maintain a good profile rating
  • Active posting of buying leads
  • Write reviews to share buying experiences with other buyers
  • Build and maintain a network of trusted sellers
  • Genuine in buying and committed to develop long-term relationships with sellers
Start buying now!